Cardiovascular Surgery Prices

The list of the procedures contained on are only a partial listing of the most popular procedures that can be performed by the providers in our network. Please call for clarification and to verify inclusions and exclusions. (800) 209.7263
Bundled pricing generally includes the following:
  • the initial surgical consultation
  • pre-admission care continuity conference, if indicated
  • facility fee
  • anesthesia fee
  • surgeon fee
  • discharge management visit
  • hand off care continuity conference, if indicated
  • hardware, implants and prosthetic
  • limited number of inpatient nights, if applicable
Quotes generally exclude: 
  • any lab, EKG, x-rays, biopsy, MRI, etc.
  • additional consultations to determine/assess the medical risk of surgery
  • physical therapy or rehabilitation
  • expenses or fees associated with or resulting from complications both subsequent to the completion of the procedure/surgery and discharge from the facility
  • any patient or companion lodging and travel expenses
  • follow up office consultations and aftercare (x-rays, supplies, etc.) post discharge from the facility

Cardiovascular Surgery

PLEASE NOTE: When the procedure price shows “Call”, either the bundled price has not yet been created because the procedure has had low demand, it may be very similar to other listed procedures and our participating providers didn’t specifically list it with us, but the procedure is available, or because the system is being updated with new provider listings in our database.  In the interim, please call to inquire about a price and a location and our concierge will obtain the prices offered by our participating providers. (800) 209.7263.

Cardiac Catheterization

Heart and Pericardium

Arrhythmia Correction

Complex Cardiac Anomalies

Sinus of Valsalva Repairs

Great Vessels

Arrhythmia Correction - cont'd

Cardiac Ablation Surgery

Septal Defect Repairs

Truncus Arteriosus Repairs

Aortic Anomaly Repairs

Pulmonary Artery Repairs

Should add international surgical facilities options?

Cardiac Bypass Surgery


Heart Valve Surgery

Venous Anomaly Repairs

Shunting Procedures

Endovascular Repair of the Descending Thoracic Aorta

Heart/Lung Transplantation

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