FREE Prescription Savings Card Now Available on SurgeryShopper!

Online surgery price shopping marketplace, provides free instant savings at the pharmacy register on brand name and generic prescription medications!

Any visitor to our website is welcome to download, use and share our free prescription discount card.

Don’t be shy.

Simply touch, hold and download or save the card image above to your device. The card can be found in your gallery app or camera roll.

If you have other discount cards, add this one to your phone and the next time you are in the pharmacy, have your pharmacist add it to your record. Your pharmacist will run them all and find the lowest price you can pay. 

You don’t need to register or give your details to us in any way to use this card. It’s just “free”. Plain and simple.

We are pleased to provide you with a FREE SlashRx® Prescription Savings Card.  This card provides instant savings at the pharmacy register on brand name and generic prescription medications for our clients and website visitors who are not yet clients and their entire household — even pets!

Clients and visitors alike need only print out and present their card to the pharmacist or show them the card on their mobile device to start saving today!

With the SlashRx® Prescription Savings Card you can save an average of 60 percent with potential savings of up to 87 percent, based on 2018 national program savings data.*

By using the SlashRx® app through our website, you gain instant access to search various medications of your choosing and receive up-to-the-minute discount pricing, based on your zip code, from multiple pharmacy location options. The SlashRx® medication pricing tool helps visitors and clients quickly find lower prices available on all prescription drugs eligible for savings. There are no enrollment or membership fees. Users only pay the discounted SlashRx® price for their prescription medication when presenting the SlashRx® Prescription Savings Card to the pharmacist.

Let us know how you have been saving using your new SlashRx®. We look forward to hearing from you!

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