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SurgeryShopper collaborates with honest benefits professionals who bring value to their group health accounts

We don’t compete with you. We make your job easier. You know your clients’ needs. We help you bring them solutions. And it won’t cost you a dime, either. 

Instead of shopping the Internet across thousands of hospitals and ASCs that may or may not offer bundled, transparent, reliable fixed pricing for surgery and diagnostics, they come shopping for surgery here at But many suddenly realize they may need help: 

  • Help with drafting modifications to SPDs. 
  • A professional to help them “short list” their options. 
  • A known and trusted professional like you to vet the short-listed options. 
  • Links to TPAs who can process bundled-priced, single line item claims that don’t require repricing, audit, or other services TPAs have made profits on for decades. 
  • A trusted professional who can located and bring them prices that don’t tack on percentage of revenue “kickbacks” to the TPA from contracted providers in addition to the claims transactional costs they already agreed to pay.

If that’s what your clients expect from you, you’ve come to the right place. Work with us and our vetted and pre-qualified and identified providers. We’ll save you time and money on each client account and make you look like the honest professional benefits rock star that you are. 

100% convenience – at no additional cost

We already have the pricing, terms and conditions at locations all across the USA on file in our proprietary database. We’ve vetted the providers, inspected their facilities, credentialing and privileging procedures, operational policies, license, insurance, accreditation, quality, infection rates, and customer service. We’ve vetted the hotels they selected for use by traveling patients, the airport arrival and departure coordination procedures, the drivers and ground support, the home health services and physical therapists that provide post-operative coverage at hotels or skilled nursing facilities as an alternative to costly, risky inpatient confinements. All that’s been done when you call to begin shopping as a procurement specialist or buyer’s agent for your clients. It was a sunk cost to develop our program. Utilize it when you partner with us. Charge whatever you deserve for your professional services and client solutions. Just be transparent. List your services without embedding them in our fees or our providers’ fees. That’s all we require from you.

Quicker solutions and quotes, lower professional fees than your competitors and time to help more clients willing to pay for your professional guidance.

You’ll invest less effort to present solutions, have more information and you’ll appear more knowledgeable. Many of our providers will also host you to come and see for yourself so you can speak to your clients on a “been there, saw it myself” level of authority. And we don’t charge you a dime for all of this abundance. 

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Reach new employers large and small when you advertise your TPA or benefits consultancy on

Benefits consultants come in several varieties. Some sell fully-insured programs HMO products, some offer PPO network products, some offer voluntary add-ons, and others do all that and add new trendy products such as reference-based pricing, and healthcare expense sharing plans. Then there are the brokers, consultants and agents who step up to the newer, more innovative products on the market. The problem is, from the name on the door, most employers, municipalities, unions and purchasing coalitions have no idea which variety of services you offer. The industry has changed radically since the pre-2003 era before Consumer Directed Health Care and the world of HSAs, HRAs, and HDHPs. is a new website, but its founders are not new to the industry by any stretch of the imagination. After years of observation, testing, and learning curve, they figured out how this bundled price surgery shopping funnel works. And now, with all the attention on transparency, some agents, brokers and TPAs are shaking in their shoes while a new breed of benefits professional and TPA emerge grinning all the way to the bank. What’s the difference you ask? Their approach. 

The days of hiding and burying extra fees and commissions are over

Many benefits professionals perform a very valuable service when they inform and guide employers and other third-party healthcare purchasing entities to legitimate savings and price transparency. And they deserve to be paid a fair compensation for the value they deliver. Yet for years, it was customary for them to bury or embed their fees into the quoted prices of the health services. PPOs did it, TPAs did it, ASOs did it. Now, new “network operators” are trying to launch and sustain on yesterday’s outdated tactics and marketing strategies. We can name them, but we won’t give them the SEO attention by doing so. We can see by professional web analytics tools that they are not firing on all cylinders, marketing the way that most beginners do and that all indicators point to either no interest or no ability to uses the Internet to market and attract visitors and conversions. They will eventually fail as employers punish them for profiteering and double and triple dipping on fees and kickbacks. 

We don’t view RBP as sustainable for a long period.

Reference-based pricing is also a big, reactionary mistake that will be short lived. Once providers tell the reference-based pricing  consultants to take a hike, and shut the door to non-contractual counteroffers after services have been rendered, that strategy and tactical plan will have run its course. And it isn’t too far in the future. That’s because employers are saving more money by contracting directly with providers at transparent, bundled prices without reference-based pricing.  Eventually the employers will also abandon (and punish) the RBP consultants. And the RBP folks may have to sell something else because once trust is broken, they don’t get to come back and sell the next trending product.


The market rewards true and honest professionals with integrity

The benefits professionals and brokers who offer a professional service, value and real savings will proudly charge and collect their professional fees for a job well done. They will do so transparently and as a line item that an employer will happily pay for value received.  Many benefits professionals are now structuring their compensation by employers and group health buyers with a percentage of savings bonus on the annual AOR and BOR anniversary. An employer who saves $130K across 6 cases, net, after travel, will pay you and want to hug you. And they will want to expand their program to more procedures or providers.

As an increasing number of healthcare facilities, surgeons, and other ancillary providers begin to add case-rate pricing and transparency to their offerings, the other benefits brokers, agents, consultants and value chain providers will have no way to continue embedding their double and triple dip kickbacks, fees, and commissions by embedding them into the provider’s charges. The practice of embedding inflated amounts and then  stripping them off in the claims payment stage when the providers are paid will be a blip in history.

Our proprietary & confidential website analytics are available to you as an advertiser

Our website visitors are nearly 40% group health purchasers and 60% individual consumers.

How do we know?

From the daily analytics we review from Google Analytics, Jetpack, and other site management tools that show us where site visitors land. Our traffic is from organic searches on keywords and phrases on which we compete. We can see in graphic charts the page flow of where they go from their initial landing to subsequent pages, how long they remain on page and by the conversions and call volumes. 

Co-opt the investments we make in marketing, advertising and promotion. Use them to the advantage of your business. Attract new leads. Every ad you place creates a back link to your website where prospective employers, labor unions and others will see your ad, click and be transported to your chosen web page. All these benefits are available to you without pay-per-click costs. One flat fee per ad is all we charge. And remember … you don’t have to place ads to use our resources.  This is simply an opportunity that is available because others have requested it.

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