General Terms and Conditions

General Conditions of

1. Applicability of General Conditions of Sale

1.1 Each transaction initiated through shall be goverend by the present General Conditions of Sale, subject to the particular conditions applicable to listed providers and their specific terms and conditions. 1.2Providers and reserve the right to modify the present General Conditions of Sale at any time by publishing a new bersion. Such changes shall not be applied retroactively.

2. Communication.

2.1 You may communicate with by telephone or by email.

  • By telephone, toll free: +1 (800) 209-7263
  • By email: to reach a care navigator / case manager
  • By email: to reach a provider relations coordinator
  • By email: to reach the webmaster

3. Availability of service locations.

3.1 offers its shopping information within the limits of its pre-qualified providers who meet the criteria for listing in the sole and absolute discretion of
3.2 reserves the right to decline requests to be listed in our database for any reason, notably in case of unpaid invoices, insolvency, or failure to maintain pre-qualification criteria.
3.3 may, at any time, add new providers and new locations in destinations where other providers are already listed in the database. There is no guarantee of exclusivity.

4. Choice of Provider(s)

4.1 Visitors to are free to inquire about as many providers as they like. Concierge staff will provide inforation about 1) pricing, 2)inclusions and exclusions. 3) terms of access to the price, and 4) the state in which the providers are located (“basic information”)without charge. To avail of Concierge Services beyond the basic information, a modest flat fee for case management coordination service may be charged to cover professional services of 1) case management, 2) medical records exchange, 3) travel arrangements, 4) pre-authorization by third-party payors, if appllicable, 5) coordination of initial provider interview by conference call, 6) coordination of arrival and departure and destination ground services, 7) coordination of aftercare, and 8) coordination of aftercare quality and satisfaction measurement. Visitors are free to research provider options using the basic information without additional charge.

5. Prices and Invoicing.

5.1 The price invoiced by the provider is the price paid directly to the provider without markups or other embedded fees. If you have discovered through the professional services of a contracted third-party adviser or TPA or other network organizer and you have agreed with them to pay them a finder’s fee, that’s not our concern – as long as they don’t adulterate the prices we quote.
5.2 does not add any markup to invoices and is not a third-party to contracts between providers and consumers, brokers, employers, or other entities.
5.3 earns revenue providers through monthly listing and banner advertising fees of approved, pre-qualified advertisers, and its concierge services.
5.4 Consulting services to providers is subcontracted and invoiced directly by and payable directly to respective consultants, for which receives no commission or other compensation.
5.5 Consulting services to employers, TPAs, and other third-party payor or claim administrators is subcontracted and invoiced directly by and payable directly to respective consultants, for which receives no commission or other compensation.

6. Payment.

6.1 Payment is due in full for the Concierge Services by credit or debit card or electronic check.
6.3 By submitting such payment information, you grant to complete the transaction initiated by you or your designee.

7. Applicable Law

The present General Conditions of Sale are goverened by the law of Utah.

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