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How to Use SurgeryShopper

We know how complicated planning and choosing a surgery provider can be. There’s so much to research beyond the procedure itself. You need to decide on locations, care plans, prices, risks and second opinions and travel to and from the location you choose.

We pride ourselves in providing highly engaged, one-on-one service to our visitors and clients that is tailored to fit your specific healthcare needs. Our goal is to help you arrange your travel, your surgery, and your aftercare to achieve the clinical and lifestyle success and objectives and we realize this can look very different for each patient.

We make sure that you are taken care of, both physically, logistically and emotionally. supports you and your companion traveler every step of the way.

Learn how we make that happen.

We excel in accurately identifying our clients’ care coordination challenges and are ready to assist you to access care quickly and conveniently as possible.
Our proven process combines quick response, professional assistance and comprehensive oversight and controls intended to cover all the bases.

Information For Patients

Our services connect you or your insurer and a healthcare provider from our network to create a smooth pathway for you to access surgery treatment at transparent, bundled prices in the USA. 

If you need help with paying for your procedure, we can also help you locate no-interest financing from specialized medical lenders.

Call us and speak with one of our concierge team members. There’s no cost to chat and ask questions. Once we have your information, we can help you arrange everything including consults with the surgeon, testing, travel, accommodation, and follow up care.

Generally, yes.

If you need financial assistance or you have insurance from your employer, we will help you work through all the steps to limit your out-of-pocket impact.  Our lenders will also help with travel and accommodation for you and a companion traveler and other related expenses if you are a U.S. or Canadian resident.

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We’ve helped thousands receive the surgery they need, when they need it. We work with a vast network of pre-qualified, inspected and accredited healthcare providers. We constantly update prices in the database so you can rely on the prices you see on our website. Unlike many other websites that offer access to these low prices only to insurance networks who pay monthly network access fees, we welcome individual consumers as well as insurers, TPAs, and other purchasing groups and we don’t charge any monthly network access fees. 

While you may have a commercial health insurance policy through your employer or elsewhere, it may not meet your needs for the surgery you would like to arrange.  The procedure may not be covered under your benefit program.

Many health insurance plans have high deductibles, co-pays or large out of pockets costs that may present a financial hardship for you. The providers in your network may charge as much as $20,000 to $30,000 more than you can find here, which means your deductible and copay amount will be much higher for an in-network provider. If that’s the case, you’ll save on out-of- pocket expenses if you arrange surgery through

You may also want to protect your privacy or arrange a procedure that is not available in your hometown. 

SurgeryShopper concierge team members will sort out all the details with you to help you get the care you need when you need it. And if we can get your insurance plan administrator to agree to cover your procedure out-of-network at a significant savings, they are duty-bound to consider authorizing your surgery through us.  Learn more about how this works.

Step 1 Browse Our Site

We’ve done the research to bring you the very best health facilities, board certified surgeons and anesthesiologists. Search from more than 400+ hospitals and free-standing surgery centers throughout the USA , each one carefully vetted with our proprietary quality, safety, and service scoring system. Browsing is easier when you know the facilities have all been reviewed and inspected by competent experts with decades of healthcare management and clinical expertise.

But you are also more than welcome to shop on your own and collect some preliminary data from individual provider websites. If so, please use our comparison shopping calculator. Who knows…with over 5000 same day surgery center and over 7500 hospitals, you could find a better deal than those we’ve researched. If you do, you can still ask for our assistance to coordinate your care.

Each of the accrediting bodies is unique in terms of their mission, activities, compositions of their boards, and organizational histories, and each develops their own accreditation process and programs and sets their own accreditation standards.

US Healthcare Accrediting Bodies We Recognize

Step 2 Contact Us

Need help to decide? Need someone to talk with your insurance company or benefits manager? No problem! Our team is familiar with the process and procedure required by most insurance plans. We’ll navigate all twists and turns, address your concerns and eliminate your doubts. Once you’ve made up your mind, we obtain written quotes and guaranteed pricing so there are no surprise bills.  We’ll also plan all your travel if you must drive, fly, or take a train to your surgery destination. And if you need help with financing, we’ve got lots of options to help you pay for the care you need when you need it.

Step 3 Prepare for Takeoff

Whether your journey is across town or across the country, we arrange everything for you and your travel companion. We plan your flights, driving routes, hotel stays, ground transfers, coordinate airport arrival and departure with drivers, arrange for grocery or meals and prescription delivery, coordinate transfers to and from the health facility where you’ll have surgery, and coordinate all your consultations with surgeons, anesthesiologists, admissions nurses and even coordinate your rehab and aftercare.  Call us to arrange our comprehensive Wheels Up to Wheels Down™ service.  And remember, day or night, your care coordinator is always just a toll free phone call away.  (800) 727.4160 | We’re always on duty.

Your surgeon will specify when they would like you to arrive for your pre-operative consultation. Generally, you should arrive 2-3 business days in advance, and you will usually stay 3-5 nights after your procedure before you are discharged and determined “fit to travel” by car or by air to your hometown.

Your concierge will go over these options with you. We have only two concerns: Your safety and your comfort.

We are only concerned that the accommodation meets your medical needs and preferences. For air travel, we want to be sure that the aircraft and seating arrangements are medically – appropriate for your needs and comfort. We don’t make any money on airfare or hotel arrangements, so we have no concern if you pay in mileage and loyalty rewards. If you got ’em, and the hotel you need or flights you need will accept them, by all means! Feel free to use them!

Generally, yes.  

If an attorney is involved, please notify them you’d like to use our services and we’ll work with them to help you get the surgery you need even if you don’t have insurance or are awaiting a settlement. 

Of course!  Your concierge will advise you about what to arrange and the recommended selection criteria for hotel rooms, AirBnB or similar homestay, staying with friends and relatives, and choosing flights and aircraft and seat selections. Just let us know you want to do this on your own, but keep in mind, we can usually offer hotel and flight prices unavailable to the general public.  Feel free to compare ALL your options.

Our team of dedicated care coordinators have worked hard to help you find the care you need and reliable, transparent prices.
We’ve made shopping for your surgery as simple as possible. Don’t wait any longer.
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