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The list of the procedures contained on SurgeryShopper.com are only a partial listing of the most popular procedures that can be performed by the providers in our network. Please call for clarification and to verify inclusions and exclusions. (800) 209.7263
Bundled pricing generally includes the following:
  • the initial surgical consultation
  • pre-admission care continuity conference, if indicated
  • facility fee
  • anesthesia fee
  • surgeon fee
  • discharge management visit
  • hand off care continuity conference, if indicated
  • hardware, implants and prosthetic
  • specific length of inpatient stay, if applicable
Quotes generally exclude: 
  • any lab, EKG, x-rays, biopsy, MRI, etc.
  • additional consultations to determine/assess the medical risk of surgery
  • physical therapy or rehabilitation
  • expenses or fees associated with or resulting from complications both subsequent to the completion of the procedure/surgery and discharge from the facility
  • any patient or companion lodging and travel expenses
  • follow up office consultations and aftercare (x-rays, supplies, etc.) post discharge from the facility

Spine Surgery

PLEASE NOTE: When the procedure price shows “Call”, either the bundled price has not yet been created because the procedure has had low demand, it may be very similar to other listed procedures and our participating providers didn’t specifically list it with us, but the procedure is available, or because the system is being updated.  In the interim, please call to inquire about a price and a location and our concierge will obtain the prices offered by our participating providers. (800) 209.7263.

Spine Surgery Insights

  1. Over 145 outpatient surgery facilities in the U.S. offer minimally invasive spine surgery.
  2. Around 90% of patients who underwent anterior cervical discectomy and fusion at an ASC consumed less than or equal to the 30th percentile of oral morphine equivalents, compared to 57 percent of hospital patients. Additionally, hospital patients consumed greater average doses of fentanyl and oxycodone.
  3. A study published in Military Medicine examined the return-to-duty rates for military patients who underwent minimally invasive spine surgery in an ASC. All of the participants returned to duty three months postoperatively. Patients experienced a significant reduction in self-reported pain and disability 12 months postoperatively.
  4. A study published in Spine investigated the adverse event profile of cervical total disc replacements performed in the outpatient versus inpatient setting. Study authors found no difference in perioperative complications between the inpatient and outpatient CTDRs.
  5. Research published in Neurosurgery found outpatient spine procedures are just as safe as — or safer than — procedures performed in an inpatient setting.
  6. Medicare released a new tool allowing patients to compare the average payment of select orthopedic and spine procedures in hospital outpatient departments and ASCs.

A few examples on reimbursement for spine procedures:

Total disc arthroplasty with discectomy (22856)

Freestanding Same Day Surgery Center: 
• Average Medicare pays: $8,970
• Average total cost: $11,213

Hospital Outpatient Department: 
• Average Medicare pays: $14,031
• Average total cost: $15,371

Sacroiliac joint fusion (27279)

Freestanding Same Day Surgery Center: 
• Average Medicare pays: $9,965
• Average total cost: $12,456

Hospital Outpatient Department: 
• Average Medicare pays: $14,031
• Average total cost: $15,371

Anterior cervical discectomy (22551)

Freestanding Same Day Surgery Center:
• Average Medicare pays: $5,870
• Average total cost: $7,337

Hospital Outpatient Department: 
• Average Medicare pays: $8,783
• Average total cost: $10,123

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TIP: If you know you need to plan an elective surgery or shop prices, get started ASAP. Once hospitals and outpatient surgery centers resume normal operations and replenish supplies in high demand, elective scheduled surgery will be overwhelmed. In the event of price increases, lock in your price quotes, reserve your surgery and consultation appointments, and arrange any needed financing for summer surgeries as soon as you are ready.

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