a Game Changer in Surgical Price Transparency helps providers to manage upfront price transparency for patients and employers with price quotes that are inclusive, easy to understand, relevant and reliable. disrupts the surgery marketplace with greater transparency around patient (and payor) obligations for patient out-of-pocket costs. We saw the writing on the wall and stepped up to comply and help providers in our database comply with new regulations on price transparency for surgery. 

While individual providers are busy trying to evaluate and decide on a price transparency engine and then developing a strategy to go to market, they can list their bundled surgery prices and cash pay surgery prices in our database and our concierge team members will guide prospective patients by the hand, straight to their doors. is user-friendly for patients because the system is live and interactive, one-on-one with clinically-trained care coordinators and patient navigators available to assist providers, patients, and employers through one convenient and efficient platform. Surgery Shoppers just love that they can make one phone call and find savings up up to $15,000 on average on major joint spine and other surgery procedures with reliable transparency.

For example: reimbursement for surgical procedures varies among care settings.

1. Partial knee arthroplasty

Inpatient: $13,850
Hospital outpatient department: $10,617
ASC: $7,374
HOPD and ASC reimbursement gap: $3,243

2. Lumbar spine fusion

Inpatient: $26,190
HOPD: $10,617
ASC: $5,070

3. Pacemaker implant

Inpatient: $14,540
HOPD: $7,731
ASC: $3,721

And providers need not be the lowest price leader to benefit from participation because sometimes the lowest price is not in a place they want to seek care. But if we don’t have you listed and approved, we can’t steer business to your operating rooms.

Join our database today. If your facility qualifies, we’ll integrate your prices on our platform and seamlessly bolt on to your end-to-end patient engagement experience for cash pay surgery and bundled surgery case rate programs. Lead sourcing of new patients and direct-with-employer contracts is 100% free.

We help our clients find the providers in the locations they want, help them obtain price quotes and then coordinate everything with your designated in-house point person. If they need no-interest financing to help them pay in full on the day of surgery, we guide them through the process. Once they are post-op, we continue with care navigation, outcomes measurement and monitoring to facilitate post-op compliance. Help Surgery Shoppers locate your offers and prices without spending hours and hours shopping individual websites.

Our professional social media marketing and promotion benefits providers with exposure they wouldn’t otherwise have at absolutely zero cost as long as they meet our standards and criteria.  Your SEO scores will also rise if you connect your website with the on a click through banner ad.

Disruptive site helps providers manage upfront surgery price transparency for patients and employers with inclusive, clear and reliable price quotes
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