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Individual Shoppers

Read in-depth articles written for just for patients and find the information you need to make better decisions as an informed and engaged healthcare consumer of surgery procedures. 

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In the News / Press Releases

Keep up with the latest news about our growth, innovation, expansion, new providers and facilities, destinations, trends in healthcare price transparency and more. 

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Group Health Purchasers

Read in-depth articles on surgery cost containment and find the information you need to make better decisions as a benefits professional, benefits buyer, TPA , insurer, or other purchaser of group health services. 

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Healthcare Providers

Read in-depth articles on topics that matter to healthcare providers including information about developing pricing bundles and building a concierge product offer for your health facility or practice. 

Read more has suspended most operations due to COVID19 travel restrictions and our participating health facilities' limitations to accommodate all but essential and urgent cases. We'll resume service based on our re-assessment scheduled for May 1, 2020.

In this ‘time out” period, we’ll be doing some website overhaul, and working on adding new provider listings, and other “rainy day” tasks that can be accomplished by team members working from home.

If you’d like to plan or inquire about a procedure upon our resumption of services, our telephones are still fully staffed around the clock utilizing our quality assurance backup contingencies, so call anytime. 

TIP: If you know you need to plan an elective surgery or shop prices, get started ASAP. Once hospitals and outpatient surgery centers resume normal operations and replenish supplies in high demand, elective scheduled surgery will be overwhelmed. In the event of price increases, lock in your price quotes, reserve your surgery and consultation appointments, and arrange any needed financing for summer surgeries as soon as you are ready.

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