Where does your state rank in terms of hospital costs per procedure?

50 states by average cost per procedure at reporting hospitals.

Data from Definitive Healthcare’s Hospitals and IDNs platform. Average cost per procedure is the quotient of all reported patient charges and total patient procedures, and does not account for case mix, procedure types, or other variables. Without that, the information can lead one to assumptions of facts not proven.

For example, 

The data listed below doesn’t capture the fact that the same procedure, often by the same surgeon, in a competing, accredited ASC can be $15,000 to $40,000 less if patients know how to shop and where to find lower prices. 

A “cost per procedure” is data that is essentially useless to a consumer because there’s no way to decipher what that means in terms of out-of-pocket cost shares, what kind of procedure the number represents, and more.  Our industry go-to expert, Dr Maria Todd, tells us that in the chart below, the number in the “cost per procedure” column is meant to represent a measurement across a diverse group of samples, in this case from a blood test to a complex surgery. 

As a former hospital and ASC executive she might use this to make some high-level strategic decisions if she were near a state border and seeking to entice market share to cross the border to purchase healthcare. She might also use the data to perform some internal benchmarking. But that’s only if she already has other data to frame the context of how she might use a chart like the one below. She says that “individual consumers won’t find this information very helpful. Group health purchasers could find the data a little more useful because they are paying claims on a state by state basis and have the whole data set to look at a cost per procedure. But the data won’t be actionable for them as it is.” For the data to be actionable, she says the price must be evaluated in the context of the cost of a particular procedure and the cost to access the better price where it is located.

The primary purpose of averages is to measure changes over time in the same sample group. “This is as useful as the politicians mandating elemental price transparency for each little charge instead of telling us “how much is it if I come there to have surgery?” That’s what people want to know.” She adds, “They don’t care what each piece of gauze and each stitch costs.” They want to be able to determine if they can afford the procedure and how much their insurance will cover if they have any.

It the case of a cost per procedure column as the one below, by using averages that aren’t “meaningful” to the average consumer for their purpose of price comparison,  the three most common errors occur.

First, it is common in any data set for there to be outliers. These are often best seen in a graph where most data points cluster around an area or line, then one or a few data points are off in never-never land. These outliers skew the average of the data set to “pull” it in their direction. It gives the misimpression that the data points cluster around a point that is higher or lower than where they truly cluster.

Second, many people tend to think of “average” as “typical;” the problem with that assumption in many data sets — certainly those involving health services delivery — is there are many, many, exceptions to “typical.” One could even argue there is no such thing as “typical.”

For example, one commonly misused statistic is the average price of a surgery on a body part in the United States. If one researches the question, they will discover average that there are approximately 59,000 surgical procedures on a list that is grouped by body area.  As such, each procedure is categorized differently resulting in many different average procedures per body part at many different levels of complexity. Price comparisons  must be apples to apples, procedure by procedure, at a level of detail much deeper than a category of knee surgery or spine surgery. That’s why SurgeryShopper.com lists them by their specific code in our databases.

The third way in which averages of often wrongly used is in applying them to individual scenarios. When readers of a report apply the average of a group of data points to a single point and assume it to be true, they set themselves up for errors of interpretation.

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RankStateTotal ProceduresTotal ChargesAvg Cost per Procedure
1. AK68,237$60,763,026 890.47
2. UT300,086$241,556,450 804.95
3. ID190,000$114,568,491 602.99
4. NY6,969,778$4,091,231,078 586.99
5. OR448,854$256,890,722 572.32
6. SD598,028$332,536,244 556.05
7. DE258,713$141,803,217 548.11
8. NC1,571,907$829,529,969 527.72
9. CT443,963$233,815,581 526.65
10. MA889,377$464,390,699 522.15
11WY57,500$29,772,670 517.78
12SC842,114$435,800,901 517.5
13NV1,619,301$830,555,163 512.9
14AZ2,763,154$1,416,197,103 512.52
15WI1,775,958$899,211,975 506.32
16VT65,810$32,594,130 495.27
17MT167,174$82,247,715 491.98
18CO1,175,736$576,117,810 490
19MN869,107$418,412,738 481.42
20TX10,057,730$4,817,882,471 479.02
21GA2,524,838$1,192,666,853 472.37
22NH254,855$120,242,536 471.8
23NJ3,929,796$1,839,761,645 468.15
24RI112,543$48,126,659 427.62
25MD1,733,531$736,177,762 424.66
26FL9,676,729$4,094,430,703 423.12
27KS480,746$199,538,970 415.06
28VA872,864$350,351,542 401.38
29NM630,502$249,563,564 395.81
30WA1,697,735$658,492,811 387.86
31OK894,410$344,496,021 385.16
32OH3,965,954$1,480,900,083 373.4
33NE669,528$247,963,096 370.35
34CA6,791,037$2,503,483,025 368.64
35IN1,156,336$423,158,729 365.94
36HI92,760$33,929,816 365.78
37TN1,875,328$684,120,298 364.8
38PA4,838,127$1,764,757,588 364.76
39LA1,667,474$603,516,435 361.93
40IA1,054,281$371,162,601 352.05
41MS496,794$168,742,750 339.66
42MO1,869,140$633,732,326 339.05
43KY1,052,427$341,292,885 324.29
44MI3,375,724$1,094,277,949 324.16
45WV776,704$249,222,752 320.87
46AR675,838$184,515,411 273.01
47ND104,525$26,854,037 256.91
48ME427,290$106,197,530 248.53
49AL937,604$232,630,706 248.11
50IL6,295,531$1,440,997,945 228.89
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