Where to Find Secret Airline Discount Codes?

Secret airline promo codes are a "thing". They can save you hundreds of dollars if you luck out on a promo that runs on the dates and flights you need to the destination you want.

Here at SurgeryShopper, our travel concierge team members use them all the time to book patient flights. How much you might save can vary greatly, depending on the sale.

How Do You Get Airline Promo Codes?

Some airlines routinely offer promo code sales while others rarely, if ever, do. We signed up with each of the carriers that fly across North America. Again, the savings will vary by sale but typically you can expect to save 10-15%. Southwest will sometimes offer promo codes for up to 50% off. 

We always tend to book direct with airlines or our travel agency because the tickets are then protected if you mis-connect. You don’t get that protection with some of the online travel sites and agencies. For example, you may get a bargain on Priceline, but if you mis-connect, you may find you have worthless paper in your hand.

Where to Find Airline Promo Codes

We’ve got your back at SurgeryShopper.com. We subscribe to these newsletters and monitor savings promotion codes for our clients who will need them for medical travel for themselves and companion(s). The employers we work with appreciate this, the individual patients paying everything out of pocket appreciate this and even our financing partner appreciates this service because when we use the codes, everyone saves money. But maybe you’d like to do it yourself for non-medical travel tickets? So no biggie, we share. It’s all good.

Two key rules: When traveling for surgery, always check aircraft size and check for codeshare discounts.

  • Alaska Airlines Promo Codes: Weekly discount promo code offers, usually in the 10% range. Most flights we book tend to be in full-size aircraft.
  • Allegiant Air Promo Codes: Sign up online to receive promo code offers and sale notifications. They continue to expand their routes and they use full-size aircraft. 
  • American Airlines Promo Codes: Rare. Remember to always check the aircraft size because we prefer full-size aircraft for our patients traveling for medical reasons. Short hops of less than an hour or so are okay, but nothing longer than that. Safety and patient comfort come first at SurgeryShopper.com
  • Delta Air Lines Promo Codes: Rare promo codes, weekend sales, and other offers. 
  • Frontier Promo Codes: Regular promo code sales to key surgery travel destinations in the USA and also offers full size aircraft and extended leg room.
  • Hawaiian Airlines Promo Codes: Occasional sales and online exclusives to and from the mainland.
  • JetBlue Airlines Promo Codes: Regular promo code sales along with incredibly cheap flash deals. Timing is everything!
  • Southwest Airlines Promo Codes: Super cheap promo sales for as much as 50% off, sometimes more. We love Southwest because they fly full size aircraft to many cities where surgery is less expensive. 
  • Sun Country Airlines Promo Codes: Recent offer including $39 companion fares and other exclusives
  • United Airlines Promo Codes: Rare, but they pop up occasionally.

How to Use Airline Promo Codes
Once you’ve signed up to receive sales emails from your preferred airlines, or you’ve caught wind of a current promo, just enter the code into the promo box in the booking stage. The discount applies to pre-taxed base fares.

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Where to Find Secret Airline Discount Codes
Secret airline discount codes are a "thing". You can save hundreds of dollars if a promotion that matches dates, flights and destinations you want
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