Whole Foods to cut medical benefits for part-timers

In a recent announcement from Amazon-owned Whole Foods Market, medical benefit eligibility requirements will change Jan 1 2020, that could leave as many as 1,900 part-time (just under 2%) workers without coverage.

Employees will have to work at least 30 hours a week to qualify for a healthcare plan, up from the current eligibility requirement of 20 hours.

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With U.S. unemployment at a record low, it’s amazing that nearly 50% of workers are worried about being laid off. 

A recent Harris Poll that surveyed 2,204 U.S. adults for CareerArc raised responses from 1,061 people with jobs, and found that 48 percent of those working have what researchers call “layoff anxiety.” The main reasons workers worry about being fired are:

  • They fear a recession is on the horizon (34 percent).
  • They hear rumors of layoffs at work (32 percent).
  • Their company recently laid off employees (30 percent).
Most were younger workers but younger workers, while often healthier by comparison to their Boomer counterparts, get injured doing tasks around the house, or playing sports or engaging in leisure activities.  But with all the Trump-led trade tensions, stark market volatility, and other happenings, everyone is somewhat anxious about an impending recession. In recent months, Deutsche Bank started laying off 18,000. Toys R Us terminated 30,000 employees, General Motors announced a layoff of more than 14,000 workers in the U.S. and Canada. Ikea cut 7,500 jobs, and Verizon announced 10,400 employees would leave under a voluntary separation agreement. 
Nearly half of those polled by Harris (47 percent) worry they’re not financially ready for a layoff.
Many Americans may not be earning enough to build an emergency fund, as real wages have remained stagnant for decades.
39 percent of U.S. adults don’t have enough savings to cover a $1,000 emergency. But they may be able to qualify under SurgeryShopper’s zero-interest financing for its lowest price surgery packages if they can swing 25% down and pay off their note in 9-12 months.


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Amazon Whole Foods to Cut Employee Health Benefits
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Amazon Whole Foods to Cut Employee Health Benefits
Amazon Whole Foods employees can check surgery prices, at 400+ U.S. surgery destinations; find zero-interest financing at SurgeryShopper.com.
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